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English Tutors International

We offer personalized online English tutoring. We specialize in customized classes for learning English as a second language (ESL), for all ages and skill levels. While our teachers are all native speakers, and speak a variety of second languages, students are recommended to have some ability with English before starting personalized tutoring. We also have teachers skilled in a variety of other languages, including Spanish and Russian. We are also interested in tutoring subjects other than English.

We work with schools and individuals around the world for English classes. If you are interested in receiving classes from us, teaching with us, or outsourcing your advanced students to us, don't hesitate to contact english_tutor100 via Skype or email english-tutor@english-tutor.us.

Who we are

We are English tutors and professionals living all around the world. We have a wide variety of professional backgrounds, including business, psychology, sciences, and arts. We love working with people of all ages and backgrounds.

What we do

We teach English online, primarily through Zoom and Skype, but potentially through other platforms as well. We are open and interested in teaching other subjects as well, though teaching English is our unifying subject.

Work with us

Teacher Intro Videos – embed our most popular YouTube videos with a link to the others.
Teaching Methodology – Our strength is our flexibility and talent.

We customize every lesson to every student.
Do you have a curriculum you need to follow? No problem, we can follow your textbooks and lesson plans, as well as provide our own.
Are you preparing for a test? We work with practice test materials and assess ability to focus on weaknesses in order to prepare you for the test and to use those same skills in the real world. Beginning students are given simple situations where they can learn vocabulary and practice what they learn. Whatever your level or goals, we can adapt our classes to best suit your needs.

We have teachers from many different backgrounds and time zones and who are experienced in diverse methodologies for both highly structured or unstructured lessons according to student needs.

Not sure where to start? Our teachers can help evaluate your case and give you suggestions for how to improve.

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